I need bariatric surgery which I don't have the resources to pay for. With your help and that of other people with great hearts, I am sure that I can change my life.

I need bariatric surgery and with a small donation you can change my world and you will be informed at all times about the cause you support and its progress through any means: web, blog, email, Facebook, WhatsApp.

Midiendo la cintura
Check my dream progress

When donating, you will receive a password to check the progress of my dream

You can make your donation through PayPal, bitcoin or bank transfer and I will send you an email and a photo of me thanking you for your help.

Doctor que usa la tableta digital

Your help will change my life

Meet me and let's be good friends.

Your help will change my life and that is priceless for me, I want to meet my donors and be close to everyone because only with their good heart will I be able to fulfill my dream.