Terms and conditions of use:

helpalexis.org is a platform that allows any person or organization in the social or private sector to make donations through credit, debit cards, PayPal or Bitcoin safely. My priority is to collect money to perform bariatric surgery.

The privacy policies are subject to the Wix platform, since it was this one that I used to develop the web page as well as the payment methods, since it was through the wix platform that offers the ways to receive donations from of the users. I declare that my sole purpose is to have bariatric surgery to improve my quality of life and my health. I do not have access to any banking data or personal information of the user. The only information I receive is the name, email, social networks or telephone number when contacting me for any matter. I will only use this information to contact the donor and I will never reveal or use this information for other purposes. The accounts to receive donations are in my name and all the information provided on the helpalexis.org portal is mine.

I can promote my website in any country and it is not my intention to violate any law or violate privacy or in any way attack any user. It is just a personal website that receives donations for bariatric surgery as I am super obese. Donations are with the donor's consent.

If you have any questions or queries about these Terms and Conditions and / or the helpalexis.org site, you can contact the number +52 6671398817 or by email at the address alexishernande87@hotmail.com